Taxi to Airport fixed fees

Taxi to Airport fixed fees

When you choose to travel by taxi you can book your request at For Taxi to Airport services you can expect fixed prices. This will make it an affordable means of transport in comparison to travelling with regular taxi services, or by trains or car. No matter where you live, you can always request your Taxi to Airport service to make sure that you get to the airport in time. This service extends throughout the Netherlands and can even be requested for neighouring countries such as Belgium or Germany. With fixed fees you can always find out how much you will be expected to pay for your taxi service. This way you will never be taken by surprise.

Fees checked with zip code

To figure out how much you will need to pay for your Taxi to Airport service, you simply enter your zip code to the website of and it will inform you about fixed fees for the amount of kilometres from your location to Amsterdam Airport. Depending on how many people will use the taxi, the fees will be adjusted. When you travel with entire groups of people, different cars will be made available to you. This will help accommodate all travellers and assist in carrying all luggage items. Your zip code will decide the fees for your travel. As the kilometres add on as your location is further removed from the airport, the fees will be lower to maintain a fair payment for your travel service.

Pay less by taxi

It may seem like you will need to pay more when you travel by Taxi to Airport, when you compare it to other means of transportation. However, due to its fixed fee you will not need to expect other additional costs. When you travel by car, however, you will have to pay for parking your car for the duration of your stay abroad. This will most likely be more expensive than travelling by Taxi to Airport. Bying train tickets for all family members will also add up unexpectedly. Furthermore, fixed fees will make travelling by taxi less expensive than when you use other regular taxi services. This makes travelling with taxis from an affordable option. It also provides comfort and ease when travelling with loads of luggage.

Picked up at the airport

When you return you can also use Taxi to Airport to bring you home again. There is a specific meetingpoint Pick-up service available which you can use to make your travel back home a lot more comfortable. Guests can wait inside Schiphol at the meeting point of the gate. A taxi driver will meet you here with a sign, to let you know that your taxi has arrived to pick you up. The meeting point is a central point where both travellers and taxi driver can meet up. For an additional 20 euro you can request this service, which will make your journey a lot easier.

Group travel by Taxi to Airport

When you travel with larger groups, a taxi might not do to accommodate all travellers. Schiphol Airport Taxi transportation will use minivans or even shuttles to assist and transport everyone tot he airport, including all luggage. This way a successful travel is garanteed and everyone will catch their flight., Nobelstraat 82, 1341 BH Almere